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We … 

… at Thought Leader Path,
are working to bring together
experts and thought leaders from 
around the world & around the corner.

 You … 

… are who we are seeking. 
You’re an optimist,
a big thinker.
You need
a little


people together

In combining over 50 years
strategic and advisory experience,
our founders, 
Dr. Kent Gustavson & Randy Baker
have brought together our
team of experts,
to create a simple, complete program
that helps build
visibility & growth,
within a
business that matters.

But we only want to work with people
who want to make a difference.
If that’s not you, you’re
in the wrong place.


rebrand yourself

It has been en vogue for entrepreneurs to say,
“we want to fail fast,”  for some time now.
We don’t subscribe to that idea.
That’s not our approach.
We work with clients
to refocus, rebrand,
and rebuild, within
our eight-week program,
based on concrete and measurable results.

After thousands of interactions
with executives at all levels,
and decades of close work
with creatives and changemakers,
we have each worked to catalyze
transformative results quickly.
We don’t believe in “failing fast”,
particularly in these times.
We believe in acceleration
of what really, truly works,
with a growth mindset.
That guarantees results.


path to success

Within eight weeks,
we focus speakers, trainers, coaches,
authors, facilitators, consultants, professionals,
and subject-matter experts of every kind on
results that make a real difference. 


The CORE Program

I. Discovery

• Discover the ideal client.
• Identify their key problem.
• Focus on a novel solution.
Map out where they are.

II. Platform

• Uncover your core brand.
• Identify your signature story.
• Focus & build on your authority.
• Reach out to your ideal client.

III. Funnel

• Create teachable key steps.
• Identify & outline a process.
• Focus on results for client.
Find & close prospects.

IV. Foundation

• Build your new blueprint.
• Package your best offer.
• Focus in on the right price.
• Onboard your new clients.

Results that matter.

We aren’t interested in doing work that doesn’t create results.
While there are many outcomes as a result of this work, our focus …
… alongside assets such as signature story and target audience
… is on YOUR thought leadership path.

At the close of the program, 
we will send you out with a blueprint
which covers the revenue ladder,
growth plans, and all of the tools
you will need to move forwards
to make a bigger

You will walk away with ...

☑️ A customized path from product to business to movement.
☑️ A detailed plan for the growth of your business.
☑️ A step-by-step process of when to scale.

With whom do we work?

Our clients have many characteristics in common.
👉 See what our clients say here. 👈

✔️ Online access to videos, workbooks, and 
✔️ They want to build a movement.
✔️ They are experts in their fields.
✔️ They stand out from the crowd.
✔️ They want to make a bigger impact.
✔️ They have something to offer future generations.

But most importantly …

✔️ They are ready to do the work!

What's Included in the CORE Program?

👉 Online access to worksheets, videos, and extensive materials.
👉 Lifetime membership in Core community private social platform.
👉 Weekly live, facilitated mastermind sessions with like-minded entrepreneurs.
👉 Weekly live 60-minute Q&A session with founders Dr. Kent and Randy.
👉 Weekly one-on-one strategy sessions with subject-matter experts.
👉 Full email and online support, as well as community engagement.
👉 Graduate school-like review and critique of assignments and ideation.
👉 Detailed feedback and accountability coaching to keep you on track.
👉 Ultimate custom blueprint based on your work in Core.
👉 Surprises and gamification along the journey.

We have been weird from the start ...

Kent Gustavson

Dr. Kent Gustavson

Thought Leader Path Co-Founder, Dr. Kent Gustavson made a vow in his TED Talk, We Are Alive, to spend the rest of his life working with people who are making a difference. Millions of Dr. Kent’s words are in print, and he is a prize-winning writer and O.G. influencer with half a million followers online. Now he is working with those who want to use their words as the driving force behind change, building a business that matters.

Dr. Kent has worked with thousands of suits, hustlers, and entertainers, ranging from a crypto CEO to an Army general switching careers, and he has interviewed hundreds of the world’s top entrepreneurs, writers, and entertainers. 

As a visibility strategist, brand-builder, and business therapist, Dr. Kent has taken his decades of experience and smartened them down into stepping stones on what he calls the “thought leader path.” From his formal educa=on as a musician, writer, and educator, to his experience at the bleeding edge of media and publishing in New York City, Dr. Kent brings a wide range of technical wisdom to this work, while his simple processes and programs ensure success.

Randy Baker

Randy Baker

After four decades at the bleeding edge of entrepreneurship and finance, Thought Leader Path Co-Founder, Randy Baker, has now decided to focus in on businesses that matter. His signature hands-on approach to thought leadership has disrupted four industries, including aerospace and the early internet. A bestselling author (“I Am Not Finished“) and natural raconteur, his high-level yet simple whiteboard sessions and strategic work with senior leaders has led to extraordinary results.

Randy has 30 years of C-suite level experience, and has operated as CEO, CFO, and COO across the international corporate landscape. As a result, he has an uncommonly broad understanding of the “financial engine” within startups, SMBs, and big businesses. As testament to this, he built an early business from zero to $6.6 billion market value within a few short years, and another, he led to inclusion in the Inc 500 fastest growing companies in America.

Raised in Australia, Randy has worked or traveled within 130 countries. Signature stories he borrows for his consulting range from being held for ransom to doing business with Elon Musk.

Check out the latest podcast episode of Armchair Strategists with Dr. Kent and Randy above.
It’s a bit off-the-wall, and it will give you a feel for the humor and attitude of our team.

questions and answers

Are you still
not quite convinced
that Thought Leader Path
and the CORE Program
are the right fit for you
at the moment?

Below are a few
of our favorite
testimonials … 
🍿 🕶️ 

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So …
What are you waiting for?

We’ve done our best on this site
to show you our very real vision and work.

If you haven’t booked a call with us yet,
what else can we do to assure you
we know what we are doing
and can get you the results
you deserve?

In our experience,
and after discussions with hundreds of clients,
we believe the #1 reason
you don’t reach out
is fear.

Hold on.
We’re not about to
put the squeeze on you.
Or hashtag you to death (#thoughtleader
#selfdevelopment #businesscoach)

The fear
we know you have
is the fear that we will
put the “hard sell” on you.

Fear that you will not
be able to achieve
these big goals.

Fear that you don’t have
the knowledge … or the skill
… or the drive.

Fear that you can’t afford us …
or won’t recover your investment.

of the unknown
is a powerful emotion.
So, please, may we coach you a little?


Well, here
at Thought Leader Path
we strive for a success rate of 100%.

Not 20%,
like most of the formulaic,
template-based programs out there.
(You know the ones – the high pressure
“business bros” who churn and burn their clients.
They are happy if 20% of their clients succeed.)

Not 60% – 80%,
as most of our tertiary institutions
of higher learning consider acceptable.

Not even 95%,
which most middle schools feel
is an adequate success rate …


We strive for 100% success rates.
Anything less is failure in our books,
and we are not fans of the fail fast
or even fail forward

We are fans of success
and doubling down on what works
and the CORE Program works.
It’s that simple.

We strive to ensure
all our clients earn back
at least their investment
before they complete
the program.

We strive to set our clients
on the path to massive success.
(But that can only happen
when they take massive action.)

I’ll bet you can guess
what that first massive action is,

You’ve got it …

Step into your fear,
come out on the other side,
and book a call with us.

Only by doing that will you overcome
the first hurdle standing between you
and the success you deserve.