From expert to thought leader.

Go from $80k per YEAR to $80k per MONTH ...

... but it's not about the money,

it's about impact.

We know your heart. And we know our own. 

And it’s not about the money. 

It’s about the impact. 

That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, 

and what puts our hearts and minds into 

not only OUR business, but into YOURS. 

The world needs you to succeed

because you will make a meaningful dent 

in the universe

You will move the Earth 

a little bit more on its axis,

towards goodness, impact, grace, 

justice, wholeness, and


Isn’t that what you’ve been working all of these years 


Isn’t that what you thought you would 

accomplish in this life? 

Isn’t that what people told you

you had within you?

We have made it our obsession 

and our mission 

to help 


find the fuel within your passion 

that ACTUALLY ignites generational wealth 

and builds generational impact. 

Because YOU only 

have one life, 


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Welcome to .

You are brilliant.

You challenge conventional wisdom. You have the experience. You have the solution.


You are weird.

You have found yourself. You don't care what other people think. This is your time.

We need you now.

Your family needs you. Your community needs your solution. The world needs your voice.

A different kind of program.

“Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” — Mark Twain

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We love what we do.

“There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.” — Mark Twain

"For those of us not as clear of their path, the Core program helps ignite the spirit that resides in us ... the one that can help you in identifying your purpose. You've got to put in the work, but they’ll challenge you to be more, give more, take more chances and ultimately, be more alive because you’re making a difference. The Core will guide you step-by-step, helping you turn your entrepreneurial idea into a real movement."
Karen "Sass" Catalan
Writer and Sass-Restoration Expert

Here's the story.



What if you could design, create and market a new high-ticket offer, 

and maybe even enroll new customers in the next few weeks?

If that is what you want, I have some bad news for you 

(and some good news if you read on!)

Bad news first.


business analyst  

The world has changed.

It has been forced to move virtual. 

Doctors visits are now remote telemedicine …

Students and teachers need remote learning …

Companies once office-based are now being forced to 

figure out β€œwork from home” realities …

And many more examples.


safe business  

If your business has not changed, 

you can say goodbye to income, 

clients, profits and maybe worse …

And if you do not know how to 

change your business, 

how to find the right clients

the right market, and the right offering

you may as well stay exactly where you are.


business ideas

If you want 

a thriving business 

in the new world

and you don’t know 

what needs to be done, 

you cannot get there from where you are.

Not gonna happen!


 business manager

We don’t know the future

and no one knows for sure what lies 

around the next corner. 

What we do know is this: 


is a time 

of opportunity … 

a time to reset …

to maybe take a measured risk

and to actually do something that matters.

We’re looking for a select few β€œAction Takers” 

to create the new businesses 

for the new world.


 business partnership

We’ll do this together. β˜οΈ


Without blogging. πŸ‘‰ Since that only attracts content-consumers.

Without a big audience.  πŸ‘‰ Because building it up takes mountains of work.

Without lead magnets. πŸ‘‰  These only attract the freebie-seekers who won’t buy jack.

Without partners or JV’s.  πŸ‘‰  You can get up off your knees. (It rhymes, we know.)

Without a website. πŸ‘‰ Not needed until you have a few clients already paying.

Without content waste. πŸ‘‰ No podcast, no book, no Facebook advertising.


Because a book πŸ“š won’t get you there (alone).

A podcast πŸŽ™οΈ won’t drive the business you need (by itself).

An online course πŸ’» for the wrong audience is a terrible idea (death by PowerPoint).

These are just ideas gurus come up with to churn and burn πŸ”₯ you (they win when you fail). 


fast business

We see you. 

You’re a seeker

You are on the path, 

but you haven’t quite arrived yet.

Entrepreneur, expert, brilliant, or just cool.

#thoughtleader #businesscoach #selfdevelopment (obligatory hashtags)

This might be the perfect opportunity you’ve been searching for. 

If you’ve followed us for a while and are ready to work with us

πŸ‘‰ head to “the call” page, and see if you are indeed ready. πŸ‘ˆ

If we’re just meeting for the first time, 

feel free to keep reading 

to learn a bit more 

about our story.πŸ‘‡


business magazin

We get it.

Business bros promise big promises …

They guarantee great things …

They love you … 

… if they can upsell you.

Been there.

Our clients have been there.

πŸ‘‰ You can click here to see some of their testimonials. πŸ‘ˆ

“Could have bought a house for the amount I’ve spent.”

“Wish I could get all of those ‘investments’ back.”

“They said, ‘Are you willing to invest in yourself?'”

“I did, and what do I have to show for it?”

“But it still hasn’t happened for me.”



believe in


thought leadership.

We believe your ideas matter.

And we know how to help you make

a bigger difference.



We don’t want to be your gurus.

We’re not anybody’s gurus.

Our names are Randy and Kent

and we are geeks, not gurus.

We started this company 

because the world needs you,

and we are confident 

we can help you 

help the 



Randy’s a reformed accountant πŸ‘‰(who knows the numbers),

and is now a business strategist and entrepreneur.

He’s a sixty-something business geek

from Australia, everywhere, and now Austin …

(who’s been to 130 countries, and counting).

He reads business books with the gusto 

that the rest of us watch Netflix.

One day, Randy, the son of a poet,

met Kent, the son of a different poet,

and they talked about bad advice,

bad people, bad business, 

and other bad things.

And how the world

needs more good.


Dr. Kent

is a real doctor,

but not the medical kind.

His PhD taught him some things,

and life has taught him others.

 He writes and publishes books, 

creates brands, builds futures.

In 2013, he gave a TEDTalk

about creativity

and life.

πŸ‘‰ Watch it here. πŸ‘ˆ


business boost

We will be the rhythm section to your Hendrix,

and the trusty cup to your coffee.

And we play to win.


Dr. Kent and Randy have

50 years of strategic and creative experience,

and our teams have helped countless thousands

write, publish, and launch their books,

their businesses, and their lives,

with ripples of generational impact

and generational wealth.


From idea to bestselling, prize-winning books,

to startup companies that end up traded on Wall Street,

and from big business clients, to individuals with big ideas,

our team has built countless brands, businesses

and movements.


It’s not about us. 

It’s not about Dr. Kent.

It’s not about Randy.

It’s not about our team.

It’s about you.

Wait, no …

It’s not 

about you either.

It’s about your clients.

It’s about their communities.

And it’s about the world we all share.


planet proof

We will back you up.

More successfully than other programs out there.

Just as primary schools don’t want to fail students,

we are obsessed with success. 

Let us show you.

We work with you 

on your core brand,

your core business,

your core identity,

your core bio,

your CORE.


Our CORE Program

is our flagship offering,

and it’s the meeting point,

the confluence, the crossroads

of academics, business strategy,

and two bleeding-edge manifestos

about life and success, designed

to disrupt the huckster’s game,

and to democratize

thought leadership

and wisdom.





Put simply.

Our high-touch, 

high-results approach will take you,

(as an expert with certain spider skills,

and a desire to make a bigger difference),

to a rapidly-scaling business within weeks of starting.

From $80k a year to $80k per month.


strong relationship

Wait, hold the phone for a minute …



Most experts are broke.



We see it every day. 

Speakers, coaches, authors, and experts 

who are barely making ends meet.

Going bankrupt.

Living a lie?



What the world is facing 

means we need more leaders 

coming forwards with authenticity.

And broke leaders can’t lead …

We want to fix that.

Starting now.


Stop being broke.

Start making money – real money.

Work with us and we will teach you numbers that make sense. 

No pie in the sky. No fakes here. No templates.

No smoke and mirrors. No snake oil.

There’s no secret approach,

just tried and true processes that work.


One example, to wit:

A high-ticket product with real value will get you to the finish line quickly, 

while a low-ticket price can never hope to bring you early success.

Nevertheless, every business bro you know 

tells you to give away your I.P. for free,

or to sell your front-end product for $19.97.

Which is really a way to upsell you 

to his next $297 product, 

while never quite making ends meet. 


business start up

Think instead about Tesla …

Tesla was also a startup at one point.

Just as we do, and just like you …

They needed cash to fund themselves.

Before they had the infrastructure to produce a mass-market car,

they STARTED by selling the Roadster for $120k.


More profits, of course! Higher margins.

Fewer early customers required. 

More growth potential.

As they grew, they reinvested their profits DOWN to the Model 3 ($30k) car.


In other words:

Start exclusive.

Profit first.

Scale to the masses.

Make sense?

Hope so.


Hucksters say something like:

“We will help you create your β€œRoadster” …

And make tons of cash quick!”

(Context: this is just one metaphor for experts and the hucksters who prey on them.)

They are wrong.

Templated approaches don’t work. 

Not in real life, and not in real business.


PROBLEM: πŸ‘‰ Most experts are broke.

SOLUTION: πŸ‘‰ Don’t give your stuff away.


Most coaches, authors and experts start their business this way: πŸ‘‡

🐈 Think of a business and give it a good name.

🐎 Build a website that will get a million hits a month.

🦝 Keep pricing low to appeal to everybody with a pulse.

🦌 Offer a “menu” of solutions to every problem imaginable.

πŸ¦’ Call yourself a “coach” (life, change, business, transformation).


business start

🏁 Write blogs.

🚩 Write a book.

πŸ’ˆ Post on Facebook

πŸ’Έ Run paid advertising.

πŸ›ŽοΈ Create a webinar.

🀯 Start a podcast.



Get no clients. πŸ‘ˆ

Lose all your money. πŸ‘ˆ

Go broke fast. πŸ‘ˆ

Get a job. πŸ‘ˆ


Might as well

swim with the sharks? πŸ¦ˆ

πŸ‘‰ (Randy has.) πŸ‘ˆ


business risk

This stuff is hard.

We definitely know.

We have tried it this way 

and had this exact same result.



And needing to find a job.

But we learned a thing or three.

And now we don’t let our clients do this.


We have a new path.

Called the Thought Leader Path 

(think: journey to your own kind of enlightenment)

That anyone (especially you) can learn and follow.

But you can’t get there from where you are.

No one can.

No matter how rich,

how brilliant …


Not alone.


business right

This is why 

we created 

the CORE.

We built it

with YOU in mind.

You with a dream, a vision, 

and a passion for changing the world.

You who have spent hundreds, thousands, 

or even hundreds of thousands on so-called solutions,

but you aren’t seeing that success yet. 

This is why we get out of bed each morning,

jump up and down for joy, celebrating the new day,

fired up to help our people shift the Earth on its axis.


business achievements

The CORE is the place to begin again, 

to deprogram and then reprogram yourself,

to shed the dendrites of the past and move boldly

into your future with dramatic success.

Forget the errors, the expenses,

the losses, and the failures.

If you have never built a successful business,

(you might actually be ahead of the game),

and especially if you already had (past tense),

this will build the blueprint of your best business,

the one you can actually execute upon quickly.

Step into:

A great brand

a better product

the biggest movement.

… But it starts with your core. 


When you train with the CORE,

you will end up like Archimedes,

running down the street, yelling “eureka.”


That’s the intangible part of what we do,

πŸ‘‰ which a few clients speak about here. πŸ‘ˆ

But here’s our best shot at a brief 

checklist of what the CORE 

will work with you to do,

in case you are 

a list person. 



πŸ‘‰ Sit down and (metaphorically) have a cup of coffee with your ideal client. 

No more courses on analytics, modeling, spreadsheets, templates,

or endless days of crafting “personas” and “avatars.”


πŸ‘‰ Figure out exactly what your ideal client wants. Really wants. Is on fire for.

This doesn’t take months. It takes a few hours of focused work.

It’s not rocket science (unless it is).


πŸ‘‰ Package and price the perfect solution to your ideal client’s real problem.

Easy, right? Not so fast … Every elegant solution takes a lot of polish.

Don’t trust your intuition if you don’t see the numbers.


πŸ‘‰ Discover the perfect way to deliver your solution … not just based on time for dollars.

Who are your ideal clients, and how do they want to receive your help?

Are they DIY-ers, or do they need some shepherding or full-service support?


πŸ‘‰ Find your personal U.S.P. … the place where your passion and profession meet.

How can you brand yourself in a crowded marketplace?

Do this right and clients will beg you to help them.


πŸ‘‰ Dive deep into the elegant economics of successful expert businesses.

Think it’s hard to reach a million-dollar annual revenue? 

Think again … we bust that myth wide open.


πŸ‘‰ Find, sell, and onboard an ideal client who pays you, then thanks you.

There is a better way than the way you’ve been treated.

We help you to punch up your value in the ideal client’s mind.


ideas for business

Here’s where it gets crazy.

Even if … 

(let’s just imagine.)

… you have no list.

… you have no connections.

… you have no friends

the CORE process will

bring you clients

who pay you what you deserve,

for your expertise, and your intellectual property,

not just the hours you spend.


growth your mindset

But we don’t stop there …

You will leave the CORE with:


πŸ‘‰ A detailed plan of how to scale.

πŸ‘‰ A detailed plan for the growth of your business

πŸ‘‰ A step-by-step understanding of when to scale.

πŸ‘‰ A simple process to follow to take you from idea to product.

πŸ‘‰ Lifelong membership in the CORE community.

πŸ‘‰ And much more.


Just think … 

In eight to ten weeks,

you can have everything you need 

to create generational wealth and impact …

From product to scalable business.

From business to growing movement


help with business plan

Okay, we hear you …

Or maybe that’s the little voice 

in your head that we hear:

πŸ’¬“It’s not the right time for me!”

πŸ’¬“How do I know the results will be as promised?”

πŸ’¬“I’ve done programs like this before, and they don’t work!”

πŸ’¬“You can’t do all this in a few weeks’ time!”

πŸ’¬“This is just plain impossible!”

 Does that sound about right?


Let us do a little coaching.

After all, you have read this far, 

what is a couple more seconds, right?

Well, it is quintessentially human 

for our minds 

to slow 


and for trust to hide 

behind the nearest tree.


This is protective and instinctive,

which is great when being attacked

by giant bears or angry bees

🐻 πŸ― πŸ

But we don’t think 

it’s useful here.

This is a scary time. 

But also a great time of opportunity

As the great Leonard Cohen sang

“There is a crack in everything;

that’s how the light gets in.”

Now is the perfect time to build. 

Ten years from now, we will look back

and see great businesses built by people (like you)

who saw the opportunity today. 


Don’t let fear 

and doubt 

drive your 



Be confident

be strong

become the leader 

you know you should be. 


help your business grow

There is a lot to digest here, 

and we certainly don’t expect you to be jumping up and down

asking, β€œWhere do I sign up?” It doesn’t usually work out that way …

Please take as much time as you need! We will do the same.

In fact, we are very selective about the clients we take on.

We thought it would be helpful for us to share

several characteristics that our 

most successful clients 

share in common.



πŸ¦– They are driven by purpose

πŸ¦• They are experts in their field.

🐳 They want to build a movement.

πŸ™ They are not scared of making money

🐬 They want to create generational impact.


But most importantlyπŸ‘‰ they are ready to do the work

Nothing of value can be achieved without effort. 


help your business thrive

The CORE Program includes:

βœ”οΈ Online access to exclusive course materials.

βœ”οΈ Membership within a private online social media group.

βœ”οΈ Weekly live Workshop Q& A sessions with Dr. Kent and Randy.

βœ”οΈ Weekly strategic sessions with subject matter coaches.

βœ”οΈ Workbook review and continual effort to keep you on track moving forward.

βœ”οΈ Ultimate blueprint prepared for you based on the work you have done throughout the program.


The CORE moves fast, gets rapid resultsand fires you up for success

Are you ready to start your movement?


The next step is to schedule 

a short β€œexploratory” call with us 

here at Thought Leader Path,

and we can discuss your objectives, your ideas, your passions …

and see if you are a fit for this program. 

No pressure, no pitch, no webinar B.S.

What do you say?


If you are ready to ignore the gurus

and you are looking for support 

from a team of geeks,

and if you are ready to 

make a bigger difference …

and to finally start making some money,

while changing the world at the same time ….

this can happen 

right now,

at this pivotal moment

in the history of the world

About Thought Leader Path

This isn’t about us. This is about you. We came together for the purpose of guiding you along your thought leader path. We come from the worlds of academics and business, respectively, and we are 100% devoted to results and outcomes. We’re in this to shift the Earth on its axis.


Randy Baker

Randy Baker, Co-Founder

After four decades at the bleeding edge of entrepreneurship and finance, Randy Baker has now decided to focus in on businesses that matter. His signature hands-on approach to thought leadership has disrupted four industries, including aerospace and the early internet. A bestselling author and natural raconteur, his high-level yet simple whiteboard sessions and strategic work with senior leaders has led to extraordinary results.

Randy has 30 years of C-suite level experience, and has operated as CEO, CFO, and COO across the international corporate landscape. As a result, he hasΒ an uncommonly broad understanding of the β€œfinancial engine” within startups, SMBs, and big businesses. As testament to this, he built an early business from zero to $6.6 billion market value within a few short years, and another, he led to inclusion in the Inc 500 fastest growing companies in America.

Raised in Australia, Randy has worked or traveled within 130 countries. Signature stories he borrows for his consulting range from being held for ransom to doing business with Elon Musk.

Kent Gustavson

Dr. Kent Gustavson, Co-Founder

Dr. Kent Gustavson made a vow in his 2013 TED Talk to spend the rest of his life working with people who are making a difference. He is an influencer with half a million followers online, and half a billion views across platforms, and now he has chosen to work with those who are “doing things that matter.”

Dr. Kent has worked with thousands of suits, hustlers, and entertainers, and he has interviewed hundreds of the world’s top entrepreneurs, writers, and entertainers. He has been featured on NPR, in the pages of Entrepreneur magazine, and his prize-winning writing lives on the bookshelves of millions of readers around the world.

As a visibility strategist, brand-builder, and business therapist, Dr. Kent has taken his decades of experience and smartened them down into stepping stones on what he calls the β€œthought leader path.” From his formal education as a musician, writer, and educator, to his experience at the bleeding edge of media and publishing in New York City, Dr. Kent brings a wide range of technical wisdom to this work, while his simple processes and programs ensure success.

We strive for success.

For long enough, every “bro businessman” has created a program around his ability to sell you something. We think differently. We have developed our program with our clients in mind, and that leads us to an obsession with success. We don’t want 80% of participants to fail. Not even 10%. Just as teachers in a public school or university would, or as a corporate board of directors would, we expect success, not failure.