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1st Day, the-Rest-of-Your-Life

Re: The CORE Program Application

Dear Changemaker,

First of all, thank you for taking a few minutes to read this. In a fast-paced world, it’s not often that we have the opportunity to write a letter. But this one is important. And we are writing it to you from the bottom of our hearts, because the world needs you now more than ever before. It’s time. 

As a quick note, if you didn’t yet have a chance to click around this website, we would invite you to do that, and to listen to a few of the amazing testimonials our CORE Program participants have recorded with a few words about their experiences. 

In brief, here’s the real truth: we have given our time, creativity, and best years (so far) to support big corporations, C-suite hotshots, celebrities, and (sometimes) assholes. This is the program we’ve been wanting to build for decades, and it’s not for them. It’s for you.

This work is what gets us up in the morning. It’s what floats our boats, and puts wind in the sails. We love what we do, because we do what we love. And we work with experts to build businesses that matter and authority platforms that change the world in meaningful ways. With this work comes serious responsibility, and we have made a decision to work ONLY with those who want to make a real difference. 

We work with weird people, odd geniuses, amazing experts, and beautiful souls. If you are ready to step out and step up, we are ready to work with you. #thoughtleader  

We don’t have templates, we have processes. We don’t guarantee results, we make them happen. We don’t leave you to your own devices, we build with you. We are about growth mindset 100% of the time, and we will get you to growth. If you open your mind and put in the measured work, and take the clear action this will require. #selfdevelopment

We don’t allow just anyone to work with us, and that’s because our investment in our clients is massive. We are investing our years of research, testing, and simplifying. We are investing our team’s time, love, and expertise, as well as our own. We believe in our clients’ unique ability to make their mark, make their million, and make a massive impact. Because we want to see them grow, succeed, and build movements that have generational impact and create generational wealth. #businesscoach

If you are interested in joining us in our mission to democratize thought leadership and shift the Earth on its axis, please submit an application via the form on the page below. The more thoroughly you answer the questions, the more likely it is that you will be invited for an interview. 

We promise that a thoughtful human on our team will review your answers. If you appear to be a great fit for us, we will invite you for an interview with one of our Thought Leader Coaches, joined by one or more other members of our team.

This interview will (as most interviews should) have two main objectives: 1. For us to get to know you a little better, and make sure we believe we can help you in substantive ways along your journey. 2. To allow you the opportunity to ask questions and work out whether we are people with whom YOU would like to work. 

A very important side note: During this interview process you may be offered an opportunity to work with us. Please do not feel any pressure. This is all about your mission and we only wish to help people who believe we can get them to their vision. In fact, to us, a strong “no” is as important and welcome as a powerful “yes!”

So, we would be honored if you would complete the application below. You can expect to hear from us within the next 24 to 48 hours. 

We hope that we have the opportunity to help amplify your message, your success, and your impact. A genuine, heartfelt thank you for looking towards the future, helping to lift up those around you, and for changing the world in meaningful ways. 

We look forward to reading what you write below. 

Take the best of care, and talk soon! 

 Kent & Randy 

Dr. Kent Gustavson, Co-Founder & Chief Visibility Strategist
Randy Baker, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Strategist

Application for CORE Program (Secure Form)